NIH/NHLBI Grant — HHSN268201800018C (PI: Yu)  — 09/18 – 09/19


The overall goal of this contract was to develop a reagent that allows for the site-specific and covalent conjugation of MNase to any off-the-shelf antibody. We produced 50 different antibody-MNase conjugates for the client and provided 10 mg of photo-reactive antibody-binding domain (pAbBD)-MNase, for future conjugations.






The process of conjugating micrococcal nuclease (MNase) to a particular antibody can result in inactivation of MNase or loss of antibody function. Therefore, there is a need to develop efficient bioconjugation tools that will be efficient and yet will not interfere with the normal antibody and enzyme function. Recently, AlphaThera, LLC developed a simple, rapid, and efficient approach to site-specifically and covalently label nearly any “off-the-shelf” antibody (i.e. Immunoglobulin G, IgG) with small molecules, proteins, or enzymes. This approach for the site-specific labeling of antibodies is cost-effective, easily scalable, amenable to high- throughput processes, and utilizes production techniques that are commercially viable. The primary goal of this proposal is to acquire data that directly demonstrates the value of AlphaThera’s bioconjugation tools in producing antibody-MNase conjugates. Conjugates between MNase and 10 different histone modification antibodies and 40 different transcription factor antibodies will be produced in total. It is expected that successful completion of these technical objectives will open up new opportunities for collaboration and commercial partnerships for AlphaThera in the field of genomic mapping and the associated immunoassay industry.