oYo-Link® is Simple, Fast, and Site-Specific.


The entire procedure requires just two-steps and less than than 30 seconds of hands-on time. The reaction is complete in just 2 hours.


Compare this with other site-specific labeling methods that require the use of multiple enzymes, hours of hands on time, and as much as a day to acquire a final product.


Covalent, Site-Specific Labeling to Avoid Dissociation


While some other site-specific methods may claim to be rapid, these generally do not result in a covalent linkage between the label and the antibody. Therefore, the label can dissociate from your antibody during your experiment. This can result in loss of signal, increased background, or both.


Our Products

oYo-Link® DM1

Site-specifically label your antibody with oYo-Link® DM1 drug for cell killing assays to prototype your ADC candidates.

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oYo-Link® HRP

Applicable for direct conjugation of HRP to primary antibodies for ELISA, IHC & western blotting.

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oYo-Link® Oligo Custom

Label as little as 1 µg of Antibody with your custom Oligo per reaction. Oligos made by IDT. Supports ssDNA and dsDNA up to 80bp or longer in length.

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oYo-Link® Epitope Tag

Quick and easy labeling of antibodies with any of 10 epitope tags for simplified and enhanced multiplexing immunoassays. 

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