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Simple. Fast. Site-Specific antibody labeling with only 30 seconds hands-on time.
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LED Photo-Crosslinking Device User Manual

Read the LED PX Device user manual for instructions on how to use AlphaThera’s device to perform the photo-crosslinking for antibody conjugation.

Antibody Conjugation User Manual

Read our antibody conjugation usual manual for instructions on how to easily conjugate your antibody with oYo-Link products.

Antibody-oYo-Link® Conjugate Purification Protocol

This protocol describes how to remove free oYo-Link from conjugated antibody-oYo-Link using oYo-Capture Magnetic beads.

Antibody Surface Immobilization with oYo-Link Single-Biotin

Guides users on how to immobilize their antibodies in 96-well plates for subsequent antigen capture assays.

Thiol-Maleimide Reactions with oYo-Link Thiol

Guides users on how to perform Thiol-Maleimide coupling reactions with oYo-Link Thiol.

Click Chemistry Protocol with oYo-Link Azide

Guides users on how to perform click-chemistry coupling reactions with oYo-Link Azide.

Click Chemistry Protocol with oYo-Link DBCO

Guides users on how to perform copper-free click-chemistry coupling reactions with oYo-Link DBCO.

Click Chemistry Protocol with oYo-Link Tetrazine

Guides users on how to perform click-chemistry coupling reactions with oYo-Link Tetrazine.

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Antibody-Oligo Conjugation: Applications, Challenges & the Next-Gen Technology Simplifying Labeling

Antibody-oligonucleotide conjugates are becoming increasingly popular to improve assay sensitivity and specificity, and for their potential in single-cell and subcellular analysis. However the conjugation process continues to be a barrier. In this eBook we look at the key applications, the challenges and limitations of oligo conjugation, and new technologies enabling easy labeling.

Achieving Rapid & Effective Prototyping for Antibody-Drug Conjugate Development

In this eBook we discuss how existing antibody labeling methods create a barrier for ADC development including limiting the high-throughput capability, and the uncertainties that arise from non-uniform antibody-drug conjugates. We also discuss the solution to overcome these barriers using site-specific conjugation that yield homogenous ADCs for rapid prototyping.

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Webinar: Simple, fast, site-specific antibody labeling with oYo Link®

Watch our short introduction to AlphaThera’s oYo-Link® site-specific antibody conjugation technology and learn how to streamline your assays with these superior labeling products.

Demo: Installing LEDPX2 Bulbs

This video demonstrates how to install bulbs for the LEDPX2 crosslinking device. AlphaThera’s LED Photo-Crosslinking Device (LEDPX) uses non-damaging light (365nm) to enable the efficient and site-specific labeling of antibodies with all oYo-Link products.

Demo: oYo-Link® Antibody Conjugation

Find out how to site-specifically label your antibody with just two steps: mix and illuminate. 30 seconds hands-on time, 2 hours total.