oYo-Link® is Compatible with Most Common Buffers & Antibodies

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Species lg Subclass Crosslinking Efficiency
Human lgG1 +++
lgG2 +++
lgG3 +++
lgG4 +++
lgA -
lgM -
Mouse lgG1 (Separate Product) ++*
lgG2a +++
lgG2b ++
lgG2c +++
lgG3 +++
Rat lgG1 +
lgG2a -
lgG2b -
lgG2b kappa +
lgG2c +++
Goat lgG ++
Rabbit lgG ++/+++**
Sheep lgG ++
Cow/Bovine lgG ++
Dog lgG ++
Pig/Porcine lgG +++
Guinea Pig lgG +++
Armenian Hamster lgG +
Chicken lgY -
Donkey lgG +++
Horse/Equine lgG +++
Monkey lgG +++

+++: Efficient Crosslinking ++: Moderate Crosslinking -: No Crosslinking
* Labeling mouse lgG1 requires the use of oYo-Link mlgG1 and is available as a separate product for all labels with the exception of oYo-Link Epitope Tag.
oYo-Link mlgG1 should only be used to label mouse lgG1. It is not compatible with other antibodies.
** Labeling Rabbit lgG has been shown to produce both moderate and efficient crosslinking efficiency.

oYo-Link® Antibody Compatibility

oYo-Link ® exhibits differences in its ability to covalently photo-crosslink various Immunoglobulins (Ig). This variability exists both between antibodies from different species and between different antibody subclasses from the same species. The table above gives an overview of the cross-linking efficiency of oYo-Link to different Ig species and subclasses.


Note: While crosslinking efficiency is usually consistent for antibodies from a specific species/host, some exceptions exist. Therefore, customers are encouraged to check the labeling efficiency of their antibody if labeling efficiency is critical for an experiment.


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Buffer Category Specific Chemical Compatibility
pH 4-10
Buffer Tris buffer
PBS buffer
HEPES Buffer (<20 mM)
Borate Buffer
MOPS Buffer (<20 mM)
MES Buffer (50-500 mM) Reduces photo-crosslinking efficiency by 50%
Salts Sodium citrate
Sodium Azide (<1%)
Chelating reagent EDTA (<2.5mM)
Buffer additives Trehalose
Glycerol (=<50%)
Gelatin (0.5%)
Storage protein BSA
Serum Human
Ascitic Fluid
Cell culture medium DMEM, RPMI-1640
Hybridoma supernatant

oYo-Link® Buffer Compatibility

oYo-Link® products are compatible with all common buffers, including those containing storage proteins (e.g. BSA) and Tris. As a result, you will likely not need to dialyze or filter your antibody prior to labeling. oYo-Link also works across a wide range of pH values. The high affinity interaction between oYo-Link and IgG even enables antibodies to be labeled directly in serum or hybridoma supernatant, and antibody concentrations can be as low as 50 µg/mL.


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