oYo-Link® Antibody Surface Immobilization

Improves assay Sensitivity, Stability and Longevity of capture antibodies. Variety of applications, including Direct and Sandwich ELISA with Plate immobilization or Nanoparticle-Antibody binding.

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  • oYo-Link® His12 Tag

    Site-specifically label your antibody with oYo-Link His-12 Tag for antibody immobilization on

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  • oYo-Link® Single-Biotin

    Site-specifically label your antibody with oYo-Link Single-Biotin for antibody immobilization

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oYo-Link® Advantages

Easy & rapid labeling

Reactions require less than 30 seconds hands-on time, 2 hours total.

Covalent, site-specific labeling to the Fc region

No loss in antibody functionality & highly efficient labeling resulting in homogeneous conjugates with 1 to 2 labels per antibody.

Label small amounts

Label as little as 1 µg of antibody at a time and in diluted antibody solutions – 50 µg/mL.

Robust buffer compatibility

No purification steps; 100% sample recovery – no wasting of expensive samples.