For the efficient removal of free oYo-Link® post conjugation

AlphaThera has announced the launch of oYo-Capture™ Magnetic Beads, providing researchers with an efficient method of removing free oYo-Link® reagents post antibody conjugation to ensure low background in high sensitivity assays.

AlphaThera is well known within the life science research community for their oYo-Link® antibody labeling technology, which enables simple, fast, site-specific conjugation of antibodies to a variety of cargos. The site-specific nature of oYo-Link eliminates the shortcomings that plague conventional protein labeling techniques, such as heterogeneous products, reduced antibody functionality, and batch-to-batch variability, and is therefore popular with many researchers working across a range of scientific applications.

oYo-Link technology enables highly efficient labeling reactions, resulting in only a small excess of free oYo-Link post conjugation. However, for researchers carrying out highly sensitive assays, oYo-Capture enables the quick and easy removal of unconjugated oYo-Link in only 3 minutes, providing reassurance that there will be low assay background. Furthermore, oYo-Capture ensures excellent recovery of materials, so there is no risk of wasting precious antibody conjugate in the purification process.

The product is the first to be launched within the Capture range, with more additions planned for 2023 and beyond.

To find out more about oYo-Capture click here, or contact our scientific support team for any technical questions about this product.