AlphaThera has announced the further expansion of its distributor network as interest in their oYo-Link Site Specific Antibody Labeling Technology continues to grow on an international scale. 


The extension of distribution network supports delivery of oYo-Link products across North America, Europe and the UK, and the Asia-Pacific regions.


In addition to the recent announcement of partnerships with Quartzy and Funakoshi, AlphaThera is now also working with 2BScientific, Biozol, Labclinics and Interchim, distributing products in the UK and Europe, as well as Fisher Scientific supporting delivery across North America. In the Asia-Pacific region, AlphaThera has announced agreements with Dakawe Biotech, Sungwoo Life Sciences and Sapphire Bioscience.


Andrew Tsourkas, Co-Founder of AlphaThera, commented “We are very proud of our products and know they will benefit many scientists across the world, so it’s very exciting for us to partner with these businesses and gain access to the support we need to reach these international audiences. Expanding our distributor network ensures we meet the ever-increasing demand for oYo-Link and will allow us to quickly and effectively deliver to every customer!”


AlphaThera plans to continue extending its distributor network over the coming months, with plans for further expansion in Eastern and Western Europe, South America, APAC, Russia and the UAE.


View AlphaThera’s full list of distributors here.