Enabling the rapid production of highly uniform antibody-HRP conjugates 


AlphaThera has announced the launch of oYo-Link® Horseradish Peroxidase (HRP), the latest addition to their range of site-specific antibody labeling reagents.


oYo-Link® antibody-HRP labeling technology will enable the rapid production of highly uniform primary antibody conjugates in under two hours, and with only 30 seconds hands-on time.


HRP is one of the most popular detection labels used for assays such as ELISA, western blotting and immunohistochemistry.  Although the enzyme can be used for both direct and indirect detection within these assays, conjugation to primary antibodies for direct detection has become a more popular approach to avoid laborious wash steps and cross-species reactivity associated with the use of HRP labeled secondary antibodies.


Direct labeling is now more achievable with the development of technologies that enable quick and easy conjugation of the primary antibody via lysine residues on the enzyme, which would otherwise be a complex and time consuming process. However the current amine labeling approach used by these technologies presents limitations, especially for companies that are developing HRP conjugates at scale. This is due to unpredictable binding of the HRP label to the antibody at any location and in variable quantities. Without optimization, this can lead to highly inconsistent conjugates, as well as the potential for reduced antibody functionality as a result of interference of the HRP label with the antibody binding site. 


oYo-Link® HRP overcomes this challenge by enabling covalent, site-directed labeling of 1-2 HRP labels to the primary antibody heavy chain, which leads to the production of highly uniform conjugates with low variability. In addition, labeling of the Fc region removes any possibility of interference of the antibody binding site, so there is no reduction in functionality and no wasted materials.


oYo-Link is also compatible with all common buffers, including those containing BSA, sodium azide and Tris, so there is no requirement for sample purification prior to conjugation, saving valuable time and cost.


Dr. Feifan Yu, Director of Research at AlphaThera commented, “We’ve had many requests from our customers and colleagues for the addition of HRP to the oYo-Link range so we are excited to now be offering this product!  We believe oYo-Link HRP will be significant in reducing the time and cost associated with producing uniform HRP conjugates at scale, in particular in the production of primary antibody conjugates.”


AlphaThera plans to expand their oYo-Link® enzyme range over the coming year.


hrp horseradish peroxidase product launch