AlphaThera has announced the launch of oYo-Link® Epitope Tag, the latest addition to their range of site-specific antibody labeling reagents. The new product will enable quick and easy labeling of antibodies with any of 10 epitope tags for multiplexing immunoassays such as flow cytometry or cells/tissue imaging.


The technology facilitates site-specific antibody conjugation on the Fc region with 3x tandem repeat epitope tags which leads to its unique detection, while avoiding cross-reactivity with other antibodies.

The popularity of multiplexing immunoassays has increased substantially, especially within the field of spatial proteomics. Researchers are able to use multiplex conjugated antibodies to investigate cell to cell communications, signal regulations or biomarker expressions. 

Scientists are embracing the advantages of multiplexing over single-plex assays, including increased efficiency, lower variability, and the requirement for fewer samples and reagents, therefore reducing overall cost. However, traditional multiplexing techniques require secondary antibodies that are specific for the primary antibodies, depending on the host and subclass. Due to the relatively small number of available antibody subclasses this limits overall multiplexing capacity.

oYo-Link Epitope Tag overcomes this limitation by enabling site specific labeling of the heavy chain of any compatible antibody with 3 x tandem repeat epitope tags. This results in up to 6 copies per antibody, which can be recognized and detected by corresponding anti-tag secondary antibodies separately. Therefore multiple antibodies, even from the same host species, can be uniquely identified and detected.

Andrew Tsourkas, Co-Founder of AlphaThera commented, “oYo-Link Epitope Tag is a unique and innovative technology that offers scientists the ability to multiplex on a level that has, until now, been unachievable.”

The oYo-Link Epitope Tag range currently consists of 10 tags including His12, DYKDDDDK, VSV-G, V5 S, S1, NWS, AU1, AU5 and HSV1. View the product here or email support@alphathera.local for more information.