Providing Researchers With Even More Flexibility in Their ADC Prototyping Experiments


AlphaThera have announced the addition of DM4 to their range of oYo-Link® Antibody-Drug Conjugation Reagents which also includes VcMMAE, VcMMAF and DM1.  


oYo-Link Antibody-Drug Conjugation reagents enable rapid prototyping of ADC candidates by allowing site specific conjugations of drugs to antibodies for use in cancer research applications, including targeted cell death and high-throughput screening with cell killing assays.


The expansion of their ADC range provides even more flexibility for researchers working on the identification of optimal antibody-drug pairs for further in vivo testing.


This “protoypting” phase in ADC development is crucial to quickly yet effectively identify the top antibody-drug conjugate combination that could yield promising results in future clinical stages. However, successful ADC development is dependent on many factors including the specificity of the antibody, potency of the drug, drug-antibody ratio (DAR), linker stability, and the drug distribution on the antibody. All these fa

ctors affect the safety, efficiency, and delivery of ADCs to target cells. Therefore, the ability to tightly control the labeling process greatly influences the success of ADC development.

oYo-Link ADC reagents guarantee attachment of 1-2 drugs per antibody specifically in the Fc-constant region. This site-specificity offers several advantages for ADC development and prototyping including a well-defined drug-to-antibody ratio (DAR) of 1-2 drugs per antibody, which yields consistent ADCs with predictable efficacy and toxicity profiles. Furthermore, labeling of drugs to the antibody Fc region every time, ensures confidence that the antibody binding region will always be free. 


Another unique benefit of oYo-Link is that after the antibody-oYo-Link drug conjugation, the free oYo-Link drug will not penetrate into cells, therefore it doesn’t cause background cell killing. Thus, n

o purification is needed following antibody conjugations and researchers can proceed directly to their cell killing assays. T

his greatly reduces the time involved with ADC prototyping and affords more flexibility with high-throughput experiments.


Dr. Feifan Yu, Director of Research at AlphaThera commented, “We are proud to be expanding our oYo-Link ADC range, offering our customers even more flexibility in their ADC prototyping experiments.  DM4 is a popular drug for use in clinical research, so it is important that we included this product within our oYo-Link range. Investment in R&D continues to be a top priority for us, so expect to see more developments within this range in the near future”.

Discover more about our oYo-Link ADC reagents range here, or for any technical questions get in touch with our technical support team at support@alphathera.local.