Save time and wasted materials

Prior to labeling an antibody with a fluorescent dye, biotin, oligo or any other label, most antibody labeling kits on the market first require purification of the antibody. This is because:

  • Antibody is often stored in buffers containing other proteins such as BSA which must be removed prior to labeling 

  • Antibody is often stored in buffers containing unwanted additives such as azide, glycine, glycerol or Tris which interfere with the labeling process

  • The pH of antibody storage buffers can interfere with the labeling reaction

Furthermore, most conjugation kits on the market require researchers to concentrate their antibodies prior to labeling and thus antibodies present in low concentrations cannot be labeled effectively.

Not only does antibody purification & concentration require more hands-on time, but there is also the cost obligation of purchasing the purification technology, and most importantly the excessive antibody loss that is often a result of the antibody purification process.


Imagine if there was a way to label almost any antibody in any buffer without any purification or concentration steps! 

Introducing oYo-Link antibody labeling technology from AlphaThera – enabling quick and site-specific antibody labeling that can be performed without the requirement for purification or concentration of your antibody prior to conjugation.


Any buffer, any antibody concentration with oYo-Link®

oYo-Link reagents consist of low molecular weight (~8 kDa), high-affinity antibody-binding domains that possess a photo-crosslinker within their Fc-binding site. Upon illumination with non-damaging Black-light, oYo-Link® forms a covalent bond with the antibody. The high affinity, site-specific interaction between oYo-Link and the antibody allows labeling to be performed in nearly all common storage buffers, including those containing Tris and/or BSA.

As a result, you will likely not need to dialyze or filter your antibody prior to labeling. oYo-Link® also works across a wide range of pH values. The high affinity interaction between oYo-Link® and IgG even enables antibodies to be labeled directly in serum or hybridoma supernatant, and antibody concentrations can be as low as 50 µg/mL.

Furthermore, for most assays, antibody purification is not required after labeling with oYo-Link®, enabling 100% sample recovery. Read more about oYo-Link buffer & antibody compatibility here.


Enabling conjugation at low antibody concentrations

Unlike the majority of antibody labeling kits that require highly concentrated antibody for successful conjugation, oYo-Link allows labeling at concentrations as low as 50ug/ml, therefore there is no need to concentrate or centrifuge samples prior to labeling.


oYo-Link antibody labeling technology advantages:

  • Compatible with a wide range of common antibody storage buffers including those that contain BSA 

  • Compatible with buffers containing unwanted additives including azide, glycine or Tris

  • Enables labeling at low Ab concentrations (as low as 50ug/ml) – no need to concentrate or centrifuge 

  • For most assays, antibody purification is not required after labeling with oYo-Link™, enabling 100% sample recovery.

  • Insensitive to a wide range of pH values

If you have more questions about using oYo-Link® labeling technology to conjugate your antibody then please don’t hesitate to get in touch, our expert technical support team are happy to help! 

Watch our video to find out more about oYo-Link antibody labeling technology.